Vintage City Bike


3 Weeks

Our artist friend came with this "lady" after they found each other in the flea market. He said that this was one of a kind thing. This is an old Austrian women bicycle made with some heavy duty steel. This bike was a complete mess, some parts were so rusty that they broke while we tried to strip the bike. So in the assembly process we lost some of the original parts and we had to change them with whatever we could find on the market. While looking for original parts was kinda hard we started to make some changes in the looks. We went for wood grips and a nice wood detail incorporated in the frame. We put a 3-speed hub for better control. Nice cream tires and an old school pinstripe stylish paint job with black and green. On the front we connected the dynamo hub to an over sized headlight so while you pedal the light is on and it is green power. No need to pay any bills with this baby!